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Salari Farm producing organic pistachio in Iran

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Salari farm was established in 1998 in Varamin region with an area of about 35 hectares. With more than 50 years of experience in pistachio gardening in Rafsanjan and Sirjan regions, we have invested in Mubarak Abad region of Varamin for higher qualityand organic production and is now known as one of the few organic pistachio orchards that has official approval from Switzerland. The farm product is offered for both domestic and export use, and to date we have only exported this product to Canada. Farming is ready to cooperate with reputable pistachio traders to export first-class organic pistachios.


    Akbari pistachio:

Akbari pistachio is one of the commercial cultivars of Iranian pistachio which has the highest economic value. This cultivar has an almond-shaped, elongated and large shape


    Ahmad Aghaei:

This cultivar is almost similar to Akbari, but it is larger and its bony skin is whiter and pistachio kernel is redder and is one of the important cultivars of pistachio.


   Pistachio kernels:

In the process of collecting and processing pistachios, pistachio kernels are obtained which are the result of crushing smiling pistachios or closed mouths. We offer the best and highest quality organic pistachio kernels to the market.


Pistachio product is generally ready for harvest from the second half of September. In farming, harvesting is done by hand in accordance with hygienic protocols and after being transported to the processing site, using fully automated machines to peeling, washing, first stage screening, dehumidification and sorting. For complete drying, semi-wet pistachios are spread on a pre-disinfected mosaic floor, and after two days of complete sun exposure, the kernels and shells are completely dried and the product is collected and transported to the warehouse for packaging.

  Farm management:

In Salari farm, the use of any kind of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is prohibited and pests are controlled using microbiological methods. In addition, natural fertilizers such as organic chicken manure are used to strengthen the farm soil.

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