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About Organic

Organic farming is a production system that supports the health of humans, ecosystems and soils and relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and natural cycles and prefers the use of competitively effective inputs. Organic farming combines trade, innovation, environmental science, promotion of related exhibitions and the good quality of life of the people involved.

Is organic food more nutritious?

organic better than non-organic?

There are lots of reports that organic food has a higher nutritional value to non-organic foods. Most studies found organic food doesn’t have significantly more vitamins and minerals. However, organic food does seem to have a higher percentage of antioxidants to non-organic food. Antioxidants can be 20-40% higher in organic foods to non-organic. Some people choose organic foods because it has less exposure to pesticides, fertilizers and antibiotics. Remember that organic foods can be cross contaminated with non-organic foods. Non-organic foods do contain higher levels of heavy metals.

Other factors to consider…

Pesticides: Conventional manufacturers use pesticides to protect their crops from insects. According to the USDA, pesticide residues in organic products are significantly lower than in conventional products. However, pesticide residues in most inorganic products do not exceed the safety threshold of governments. Most experts agree that the amount of pesticides in fruits and vegetables poses very little risk to health.

Food Additives: Organic Regulations on the Use of Food Additives, Processing Aids, and Boosters Commonly Used in Inorganic Foods, including Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners, Colorants, Flavors, and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) , Prohibits or severely restricts.

Taste: Some people say that they can taste the difference between organic and inorganic foods. Others say they are no different. Taste is a mental and personal consideration.

Environment: Some people buy organic food for environmental reasons. Organic farming methods are designed to reduce environmental pollution and save water and less damage to soil quality.

Cost: The cost of producing organic products is often higher than inorganic. Higher prices are due to more expensive farming methods, strict government regulations, and reduced yields per unit area than conventional farming methods.

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